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Micael Kallin & Erik Arnell

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Micael Kallin has been practicing photography since early 1980’s when he attended his first photo school in Stockholm, Sweden. Micael is primarily focused on portraits, street photo and photo documentary. Beside photography, Micael has worked many years as a journalist and documentary producer around the world. 


Erik Arnell has been working as a photographer with Micael on various photo projects, such as the ”Augusta á Noite”; the ”Sand & Sea” Collection and ”Banda de Ipanema”. Before devoting himself to photography Erik has a background as a contemporary dancer and choreographer in Stockholm and New York.


The photos are printed either as  Giclée fine art prints and manually framed with anti-reflexive glass or printed directly on Aluminum, with a ”shadow frame” or without frame, but instead with a hanging construction on the back side.


The Photo projects that Micael & Erik has worked with, has resulted in many exhibitions, mainly in Stockholm, Sala and Uppsala, Sweden, but also in  São Paulo, Brazil; Lisbon and Tavira, Portugal. 


Beside exhibitions, Micael & Erik has also produced a number of photo books, such as ”101 Portraits”, with portraits from around the world; ”Inhambane”, about the daily life in a small fishing village in the south of Mozambique; "Casa de Criadores”, from the creation of a clothes collection to how it was showed at the ”cat walk” in São Paulo. 

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